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About Us


Instant Web Tools launched in 2018 with a desire to provide quality web development services to our clients that will help their business or organization thrive all while giving back to communities locally and globally.
You can see that focus to give back through both the businesses we serve and through the non-profit that the IWT owner, Dennis Alejo, and his wife, Emily run called Kingdom Legacy Ministries.  This non-profit helps provide food and education for impoverished children in the Philippines.  (  A portion of the profits from IWT goes directly to helping these children and families to have food, attend school, and find stable work to help break the cycle of poverty.
Dennis was once one of those children in the Philippines who struggled to have the food he needed to survive and so he used his entrepreneurial spirit to make money to buy food!  Now, as a business owner of Instant Web Tools, he continues to use that same spirit to find creative ways to help businesses and organizations thrive through web development.
Dennis has been working in the web development field for 11 years in both front end and back end.  He and his team of developers are what they call “full stack:” developers who have a variety of experiences.  IWT also has partners who offer expansive knowledge to the web development process.  Customizable tools will allow us to tailor software to help meet your specific business needs while giving you insight into how to get the most out of those tools through analytics and support.
We would love to get our team started on your next project and in the process of helping your business, you’ll help children from around the globe!
Thank you for choosing Instant Web Tools.

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